Indianapolis Colts Tell Fans Team Protests Will Continue: “We Have a Responsibility” to Protest for ‘Equality’

Both Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns’ players kneeled during the national anthem at their game last weekend.

Colts fans were furious.
On Sunday the Colts finally responded to their critics.

Indianapolis Colt fan Cory sent this in today.

The Indianapolis Colts posted a players statement on Facebook a little while ago. See attached.

I was a lifelong fan. I emailed them on Monday as I’m sure many many others did to express my disappointment and frustrations. I got no response. I suspect this statement is a reply to all of the former fans and season ticket burners. Seems like they are doubling down and twisting the knife if you ask me.

The Colts announced players can stand or kneel during the national anthem this week.

They will continue to their anti-military anthem protests.

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