House Intel Chair Breaks Down Why The Trump Dossier “Was The Biggest Intelligence Failure Since 9/11” (VIDEO)

House Intelligence chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has strong words for those involved in the discredited ‘Trump dossier,’ branding it “the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11.”  

Tweet source: Fox News 

When asked his thoughts on the ‘Trump dossier,’ and Russia’s role in it, Rep. Nunes had this to say to Fox News host Neil Cavuto:


NUNES: “Look, none of that is new. What’s allowed them to be successful in this sabotage of an election is they’re trying to change public opinion, and what’s happened here with all this commotion and all the nonsense that was put out, don’t you think it would have been important for the Congress to know back in January when we were first briefed on this ‘Trump dossier,’ that it was actually paid for by the opposition party? So, the people that made the Russians successful, are the Democrats and the people that have continued this nonsense, over and over and over again, looking for Russians behind every tree. We continue to chase ghosts around this place, and look, I say this as the guy who warned the Obama administration and our intelligence agencies, in April — March, April of 2016 — I was the one who said this is the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11”.

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind is what did Hillary Clinton know about the documents? Clinton Inc. is on the defense after the Washington Post’s bombshell report revealing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the DNC paid for the now discredited ‘Trump Dossier.’ Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon admitted to CNN that Hillary Clinton ‘may have known,’ about her campaign paying for the ‘Trump Dossier.’

According to CBS News, Hillary Clinton only learned about the ‘Trump Dosser,’ following BuzzFeed’s report on the now discredited documents.

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