Hillary Clinton Gets SAVAGED on Twitter For Releasing Delayed Statement on Weinstein Through Her Aide

As previously reported, embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is the subject of a devastating expose detailing decades of sexual harassment.

Weinstein is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors, having raised mega bucks for the failed Democrat presidential candidate. Weinstein even threw a fundraiser for Clinton back in June, raising $1.8 million.

In the following month, Weinstein threw a concert for Clinton at the St. James Theatre.

Mr. Weinstein has also donated at least $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, reports the Washington Times.


It took staunch feminist Hillary Clinton FIVE DAYS to speak out against Weinstein’s sexual abuse accusations.

Not only did it take five days and the conservative media pounding Hillary for her to make a statement on Weinstein’s sexual abuse accusations, the staunch feminist sent her aide, Nick Merrill to tweet it out for her.

Hillary simply ‘re-tweeted’ Nick Merrill’s statement. Hillary’s statement contained less than 40 words — 38 to be exact. Just three lines!


Hillary got savaged.

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