Hah-Hah! Donald Trump Jr. Expertly Trolls Chelsea Handler Over Use of Wrong Gender Pronoun

Few people on Twitter expertly troll liberals like Donald Trump Jr. The President’s eldest son is back at it again with another troll job — His latest target? The perpetually ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ sufferer and Hollywood comedian Chelsea Handler.  

On Saturday evening, Handler tweeted Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was the “original person,” Russia transferred information to, because the lawmaker works for Putin.

Her proof? None, of course.


“So, Republican rep. Dana Rohrabacher from California is was the original person who received info from Russia, because she works w/ them,” tweeted Handler.

Tweet source: Chelsea Handler

Donald Trump Jr. noticed something off about Handler’s tweet, pointing out the comedian referred to the male Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, as a female. Ooops!

“I thought using the wrong gender pronoun is a crime in California now?!?!FYI, Dana Rohrabacher is a guy. Stupid on so many levels,” Trump Jr. posted to Instgram on Sunday.

Screenshot source: Donald Trump Jr. Instagram

Will use of the wrong gender pronoun amount to jail time for Handler? She better be careful not to enter the health care industry.

In what is the most authoritarian bill to pass into California law, health care workers who use the wrong gender pronoun could face jail time.

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