David Brockbuster? Explosive Report Claims Media Matters Head Funneled “Untraceable” Millions To Anti-Conservative Causes

Media Matters boss David Brock might have some explaining to do. Andrew Kerr of The Citizens Audit filed a compliant to the FEC over what the investigative journalist believes is systemic fraud and money laundering related to Brock. 

Daily Caller reports:

The complaint says the arrangement created a “system” where contributions marked for the PAC would first go to the foundation and then be transferred to the PAC as “Overhead & Staff Expenses.” Since the foundation is not required to report the identity of donors to the FEC, this arrangement would allow the foundation to hide who is funding the PAC.

The foundation and the PAC entered into the cost-sharing arrangement, known as a “common paymaster agreement,” in March 2011, according to both group’s filings with the IRS. The arrangement allows the PAC and the foundation to identify as one paymaster when cutting paychecks, so, for example, a shared employee can receive one check rather than two.

So, say an employee works for American Bridge and splits time during one pay period roughly 70/30 between the super PAC and the foundation. Instead of getting paid $700 from the super PAC and $300 from the nonprofit arm, the employee receives a single $1,000 check from the super PAC.

The super PAC is then reimbursed from the foundation for the $300 it covered on the nonprofit’s end.

The foundation has paid the super PAC more than $10 million from March 2011 to June 2017, reporting the costs as “shared expenses,” under the common paymaster agreement. Those expenses include shared office space, administrative costs, and, most importantly, shared employees.



The foundation’s total expenditures to the super PAC from July 2013 to December 2015 appear to cross the 50 percent threshold designated by the IRS, according to its Form 990s over from that period. This could call the foundation’s tax-exempt status into question.

The foundation told the IRS in 2013 that it “tracks its expenses, including the use of timesheets for its employees,” to ensure that “political activities do not become a majority of its activities in the course of a fiscal year, and to ensure that all required taxes will be paid under Internal Revenue Code.”


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Unfamiliar with David Brock and Media Matters? They’re a liberal organization hellbent on destroying President Trump, The Gateway Pundit and the Conservative movement as a whole.

A new document, titled “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action”, was discovered recently that reveals a liberal coalition of business entities and groups and their plans to influence the media and the general public for the 2017-2020 period featuring everything from Russian-conspiracy jargon to anti-Trump dictums.

The four entities are as follows: Media Matters for AmericaAmerican BridgeCREW, and Shareblue. Each has their own strategic plan.

This is the first of three articles that will be outlining the planned media assault that is currently underway. We are calling this initiative to spread their game plan’s contents: #BrockGate, after the Media Matters founder David Brock.

In the “Introduction” the group states:

“In the next four years, Media Matters will continue its core mission of disarming right-wing misinformation, while leading the fight against the next generation of conservative disinformation: The proliferation of fake news and propaganda now threatening the country’s information ecosystem.”

It goes on to outline how CREW and Shareblue plan to be part of the influence campaign through social media and their own networks. The following image illustrates the plan:

In the document, the group claims that they will push the Russia narrative forward, they assert that they will steal the best talent from the other left-wing outlets and consolidate them into Shareblue (they will convince “top editorial and writing talent [to] leave competitors to join Shareblue”), they propose a paid “Twitter-like” social network for the “opposition” to collude, they discuss their “Antidote to Breitbart” and their goal of controlling platforms like Google and Facebook, and they also mention a “Trump War Room” and their goal of keeping President Trump “unpopular” and how they are actively trying to portray President Trump as a “weak, think-skinned [sic] ‘loser’ vulnerable to goading”. In all, this is a comprehensive three-year game plan that the left hopes to implement to great effect in their effort to win votes in 2018 and take the White House in 2020.

Considering that the document in question mentions the “transition” of the Trump administration, it is safe to say that this document was prepared prior to Trump actually taking office, but after he had won the election in October. It is still unclear the precise date of the document.


“With 20,000 hours of video, 289 candidate research books, and the largest available archive of Trump research in the Democratic Party, we are uniquely prepared to take on the Trump administration, defeat Republicans who enable it, and rebuild progressive power in the states.

Our new Trump War Room, launched within weeks of the election, is already scrutinizing the presidential transition and will vigilantly watchdog the personnel, policies, and practices of the administration.

Our purpose is to keep Trump unpopular and make it more difficult for candidates who support him to get elected in 2018.”

The following images detail more of the plan:

You can view the full document below, or in our archive.



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