Conservative Educational Nonprofit Sues Google, YouTube Over Alleged Free Speech Censorship

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has had enough. The founder of PragerU is suing both Google and Youtube over alleged free speech censorship of its educational videos. 

Breitbart News reports:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday, “says YouTube’s more than 30 million visitors a day make the site so elemental to free speech in the digital age that it should be treated as a public forum.”

“The suit argues the site must use the ‘laws governing free speech,’ not its own discretion, to make decisions about what to censor,” they reported, adding that PragerU “alleges that by limiting access to some of its videos without clear criteria YouTube is infringing on PragerU’s First Amendment rights.”

YouTube has repeatedly censored PragerU on their platform, labeling political videos as “restricted” adult content and even removing a video of “a Muslim man describing how he was raised to be anti-Semitic,” branding the video as “hate speech.”

After being criticized for their censorship of PragerU videos, YouTube blamed “community flagging.”

The lawsuit comes amid increased censorship by Google. The search engine giant recently removed, a free-speech orientated alternative to Twitter, from its app store. CEO Andrew Torba took to Twitter to report the social media platform’s Android app was removed from the Google Play Store.


Subsequent to Gab’s removal from the store, Torba took to Periscope to expand on the ban. Torba warned Silicon Valley that the “alt-technology” revolution has begun, prompting new, decentralized platforms outside the grasp of corporate forces that shut it down in the first place.

In addition, James Damore, the Google employee that sent out a ten-page viewpoint diversity essay that made its rounds online, was fired.

The ten-page manifesto criticized the politically correct culture that has infected Google’s corporate culture. This quickly garnered outrage from the progressives that work at Google (proving the Damore’s point).

In an email to Breitbart Tech, Damore commented:

“They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

Breitbart Tech reports:

Damore’s writing has revealed a divided Google, in which some employees agree with his outlook, but are afraid to speak out for fear of repercussions from social justice warriors in the company, such as being added to blacklists.

In a memo sent to employees, Google CEO Sundar Pichai reportedly claimed that Damore had violated their Code of Conduct.

Earlier in the day we reported on free speech social media platform Gab, which expressed interest in hiring Damore if he was fired from Google.

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