CNN Crank Brian Stelter: Pence NFL Walkout Was Staged – “His Statement Seems Almost Written Ahead of Time” (Video)

CNN hack Brian Stelter accused Vice President Mike Pence of staging his walkout today at the Colts-49ers game in Indianapolis.

Stelter said the Veep’s statement looks like it was written ahead of time.

Brian Stelter: “I’ve gotta be cynical about this for a moment, Fred… It makes me wonder if he purposely wanted to go to the Colts game today in Indiana in order to make this kind of statement knowing the 49ers players were almost guaranteed to kneel. There’s been players on the San Francisco team kneeling every single game so Pence and his team going to the game today had to have known there was going to be kneeling. His statement seems almost written ahead of time.

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