UW Student Releases Graphic Video of Police Officer Being Beheaded – University OK with It (Video)

A video by a University of Wisconsin student showing police officers in pig’s masks beheaded is drawing attention in the Madison.

The video shows a police officer hanging a black man with an American flag.
Then the video shows two police officers in pig’s masks beheaded.

This filth is what the left calls “art.”

The sweatshirt says,  “F*ck the police they the biggest gang in AmeriKKKa.”

Channel 3000 reported:

A University of Wisconsin-Madison student released a controversial video portraying police officers being beheaded after they put an American flag noose around the neck of an African American man Friday.

Part of the First Wave scholarship program, Eneale Pickett, released the video to promote his clothing line with messages addressing police brutality and racism. In the video people wear sweatshirts that make statements about these issues.

UW-Madison in a prepared statement condemned the content of the video, but said it was protected by free speech rights.

This is liberal education.

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