UPDATE: Police Are Looking for 6 Suspects in Massive Wedding Brawl that Left White Girl Knocked Out on Street

There was a massive street brawl late Saturday night in downtown St. Charles.

The brawl started somewhere near 142 North Main Street in the business district.

The brawlers were dressed in tuxedos and long dresses and were reportedly attending a wedding in the historic St. Charles downtown.

One poor girl was knocked out cold on the street.
The rest of the kids laughed and screamed out loud.

The man in the white suit knocked the white girl out cold.


Sick stuff.

The group of black men were allegedly beating up on a female, according to sources.

St. Charles police are searching for six suspects and two victims from the brawl. It was a wedding!

The fight was first posted on Snapchat and later made its way to Facebook and YouTube.
It is not yet clear what caused the massive brawl.

Hat Tip Ed

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