Update: ELEVEN St. Louis Police Officers Injured During Violent Protest – Female Cop Has Broken Jaw

Hundreds of St. Louis #BackLivesMatter protesters shut down Kingshighway in the Central West End Friday night.

The protesters held a rally there in the Central West End restaurant district for a couple hours.


Black Lives Matter thugs also hurled bricks at the police line.

The St. Louis Police department said in a media release Saturday evening that ELEVEN police officers were injured during the violent protests by Black Lives Matter thugs. Sadly, a 26-year-old female police officer suffered a broken jaw after a brick hit her in the face. Thank God no police officers were killed.

The St. Louis Police department reported that there were 33 arrests. Many of the charges were for ‘resisting’ and ‘interference’.

There is also a list of property damage because of out of control, violent thugs. Some of the damage included broken windows on police vehicles and broken windows on local restaurants and businesses. The Mayor’s home had broken windows and paint was thrown onto the exterior.

The Fire Department was also called in to put out a total of 18 fires. Who knows how much these protests have cost, but as usual, the left destroys everything in their path while wasting taxpayer money.


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