Trump Supporters Slam ‘Privileged’ Chelsea Clinton After She Attacks Trump’s Decision to End DACA

Chelsea Clinton just won’t go away. She joined the rest of the Democrats and RINO’s attacking President Trump as reports surface he’s about to end Obama’s DACA program.

The Democrats just can’t stand to see a voting block they worked so hard to create–disappear, so they are fighting like hell to protect the illegal aliens. The media wants everyone to believe DACA recipients are helpless babies and children when in reality, many are adults.

Privileged Chelsea Clinton tweeted from the safety of her multi-million dollar NYC apartment, removed from illegal aliens Sunday night, “How is deciding to end DACA  & disrupt hundreds of thousands of DREAMers lives in line with the spirit of today’s National Day of Prayer?”

Trump supporters slammed Chelsea Clinton for supporting Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program. Chelsea Clinton will never personally feel the impact of illegal aliens in the U.S., nor will her children since her wealth shields her from ever interacting with them. She is also surrounded with security while the commoners are subjected to being raped or murdered by illegal aliens.

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