Sudanese Immigrant Who Shot Up Tennessee Church Posted Cryptic Messages on Facebook Hours Before Rampage

A 25 year-old Sudanese immigrant Emanuel Kidega Samson stormed into a Tennessee Church on Sunday and opened fire.

Samson was wearing a clown mask.
He murdered one woman in the parking lot and then went in the church and shot seven others.

Emanuel Kidega Samson made cryptic posts on Facebook alluding to a ‘sudden attack’ just prior to the shooting rampage. He also defended Muslim terrorists and shared pro-Islam videos.

The media is working overtime to hide the nationality of this murderer because he is a Sudanese immigrant.


The Tennessean reported Samson posted to Facebook just before 11 a.m., “Everything you’ve ever doubted or made to be believe as false, is real. & vice versa, B.”

Samson also posted two photos of himself flexing his muscles Sunday morning with the caption “unrestricted paroxysm.” Paroxysm means a sudden attack or violent expression of emotion.

A look back at some older posts on Samson’s Facebook, obtained by GotNews, reveal he was sympathetic to Islam. He shared a video of Muslim activist Yasmeen Abdel-Magied defending Sharia law against Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie.

Samson’s caption above the video: “You can’t converse with some people, that’s the unfortunate truth. Folk will accept what you have to say when they want/ready to.”

Also obtained by GotNews, Samson shared a video from Vox co-founder Ezra Klein defending Muslim terrorists and attacking white people about their ‘white terrorism’. His caption: “You’re more likely to be killed by a white man than a Muslim terrorist.”

Samson also shared more anti-white, anti-police posts and ranted about oppressed Africans on his Facebook page.

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