Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Designate Antifa a Hate Group — Only Singing Nuns Get That Designation

Southern Poverty Law Center Won’t Designate Antifa a Hate Group — Only Christians Get That Designation

The warped and liberal Southern Poverty Law Center won’t designate Antifa a hate group.

Richard Cohen, the president of the SPLC, told the Washington Examiner that calling Antifa a hate group would be a “wrongheaded” move.

Antifa beats conservatives, Trump supporters and anyone they disagree with with bats, bars, bike locks and bricks.
The far left SPLC does not see hate in these actions. And that it why you can never trust this toxic group.


The Southern Poverty Law Center is currently being sued for classifying a Christian Church as a hate group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center also put the Spokane Singing Nuns on their hate list.

But not Antifa terrorists.
The Washington Examiner reported:

“We oppose these groups and what they’re trying to do. We just don’t think anyone should be able to censor someone else’s speech,” Cohen said, echoing and endorsing recent statements from progressive scholar Noam Chomsky.

“We think they are contributing to the problem we are seeing,” Cohen said. “We think it’s likely to lead to other forms of retaliation. In Berkeley, antifa showed up and shut down speeches. The next time the white supremacists brought the Oath Keepers with them, they brought their own army.”

He said, however, the SPLC won’t label antifa a “hate group” because adherents do not discriminate against people on the basis of race, sexual orientation or other classes protected by antidiscrimination laws, such as religion.

Once again… Here are a few acts of violence by the far left Antifa terrorists over the past year.
The SPLC does not see this as hateful.

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, peaceful supporters of Donald Trump gathered at the San Jose Convention Center for a political rally in support of the Republican nominee.
trump rally inside

The Trump supporters were all smiles as they waited to see candidate Trump on the rope line.

Little did they know that outside the center radical leftists, Bernie supporters, Muslims, Mexican nationalists, anarchists, SEIU members and several hundred angry thugs were waiting to spit on them, chase them, assault them and beat them bloody.

The days of interrupting speeches are over.
Democrats escalated their tactics on Thursday and will now beat skulls.

One young Trump supporter was followed and cold-cocked and left bleeding as he walked to his vehicle.
trump supporter bleeding

Another woman was cornered by a mob of Mexican nationalist chanting “F*ck you!” They beaned her in the face with raw eggs and spit on her.
egg trump supporters
It was not until she lost her vision that the Marriott staff let her in.
Thanks Marriott!

(Note: The liberal Washington Post said she “taunted” them — by wearing a Trump shirt, smiling, and flashing the peace sign!)

They chased Trump supporters down the street.
One black Muslim chased down and tackled a young Trump supporter with his thug buddies. He later bragged about it on Twitter.

Several Trump supporters were cold-cocked and left staggering.
The San Jose police were noticibly absent.
thug beaten

Many were chanting “Bernie! Bernie!” after socialist Bernie Sanders.
thugs rip trump signs san jose

The images were aired a bit on TV but mostly ignored. Bloody Trump supporters won’t make many headlines. It doesn’t fit the liberal media agenda.

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