Hillary Clinton’s “Crazy, Floating Eye” Returns as She Blames Comey for Election Loss (VIDEO)

The return of Crazy Eyes–

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down with Jane Pauley on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ and gave her first T.V. interview since the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary spoke about her new memoir ‘What Happened’ which is set to release September 12.

Hillary Clinton reacted to a clip of then-FBI Director James Comey giving a presser in July of 2016, admitting Hillary acted careless in her handling of highly sensitive classified information.


“I don’t know quite what audience he was playing to other than maybe some right-wing commentators, right-wing members of Congress, whatever,” Hillary said.


Hillary Clinton blamed Comey for his 11th hour decision to re-open the FBI investigation eleven days before the election after more emails were discovered on her aide Huma’s husbands computer, Anthony Weiner.

“Eleven days before the election and it raised the specter that somehow the investigation was being re-opened. It just stopped my momentum,” Hillary continued.

Hillary got very excited as she continued to blamed Comey for revisiting a ‘closed investigation’ and claims there was an open investigation into Trump-Russia which the media and Comey ignored.

Watch Hillary’s eye go wonky as she leans forward. Something is seriously wrong with this woman.

Video via NTK Network:

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