SHOCK: Liberal Activist Threatens to Kidnap GOP Senator’s Daughter on Live TV (VIDEO)

Last Thursday, liberal activist Simon Radecki threatened to kidnap Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s daughter during a live town hall broadcast. The question was redacted by PBS 39.

Post-Gazette caught the shocking exchange.

After thanking Mr. Toomey for appearing, Mr. Radecki said, “We’ve been here for a while. You probably haven’t seen the news. Can you confirm whether or not your daughter Bridget has been kidnapped?”

The ensuing four-second pause was punctuated by Mr. Toomey uttering “uhhhh,” before Mr. Radecki added, “The reason I ask is because that’s the reality of families that suffer deportation …”

NTK Network reports:


The question led to Radecki’s arrest on charges of “disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting,” according to a report from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The eerie exchange sent chills through those in attendance at the town hall event:

“If you were in the room, it was one of the scariest things that I have ever been a part of,” said PBS39 CEO Tim Fallon. Even after Mr. Radecki attempted to explain his query, Mr. Fallon said, “All I was processing was ‘Oh, my God, what has happened?’ … It was perceived as a threat by myself [and] folks I have had interactions with.”

According to his Linkedin page, Radecki is originally from Minnesota and has worked as an organizer on Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) 2014 Senate campaign, in addition to various other liberal causes.

His Twitter page is filled with tirades against gun rights and the “white supremacists” who founded the United States:

This isn’t the first time Republican Senators have been confronted with disturbing behavior.

Recently, protesters harassed another Republican town hall this week.

The protesters went so far as to SCREAM and HECKLE the pastor during his opening prayer.

They screamed throughout the prayer.

This was at Senator Cassidy’s (R-LA) town hall event.
This is the today’s Democrat Party.

Via Townhall:

The violent rheotric towards Republicans from the Left comes amid Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal signaling her support of President Trump’s assassination in a now deleted Facebook post.

She even acknowledged she would get a visit from the Secret Service for her comment.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook comment was so egregious that even ABC Newseven reported on the story.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, posted a comment in a Facebook conversation Thursday morning saying she hoped President Donald Trump will be assassinated.

The comment has since been removed. But Chappelle-Nadal confirmed to the Post-Dispatch that she had written it in response to another commenter before deleting it.

“I didn’t mean what I put up. Absolutely not. I was very frustrated,” Chappelle-Nadal told the newspaper. “Things have got to change.”

Reporting on Chappelle-Nadal’s comment drew condemnation across social media, including from the Senate Democratic leadership. In a statement, Senate Democratic Caucus leader Sen. Gina Walsh called the comments “unacceptable” and said Chappelle-Nadal “should be be ashamed of herself.”

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