UPDATE: North Korea Claims Powerful Nuclear Bomb Test; First in Trump Presidency

UPDATE: North Korea claims the test was of a hydrogen bomb. More at end of article.

Japan and South Korean officials are confirming North Korea conducted a nuclear bomb test Sunday afternoon local time. An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale centered in the area of North Korea’s nuclear weapons facility was reportedly followed by a 4.6 quake that appears to be a cave-in due to the test. The test is reportedly the strongest of the previous five tests since 2006.

This is the first nuclear weapons test by North Korea in the Trump presidency. President Donald Trump has taken a much harder line with North Korea than his predecessors.


North Korea announced a special statement will be made at 1500 hours local time, 2:30 a.m. EDT.

There are reports the nuke test was felt in Russia and China


North Korea has been engaging in provocative behavior in recent weeks, threatening Guam, launching a missile unannounced over northern Japan and yesterday claiming to have developed a hydrogen bomb capable of being placed on an ICBM.


“Announcer Ri Chun Hee is talking about the bomb as being “two stage””

Image of statement by North Korea.

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