Report: Red Cross Was Stealing from Church Doorsteps to Redistribute or Sell Items for Profit? (VIDEO)

In March 2012 Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13603. The order provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials, and services to promote national defense.

Gina Nelms posted video where she claims the Red Cross was stealing food, non-perishables and supplies donated by fellow Americans from the doorsteps of Christian churches.

The Red Cross was “physically taking the donations from the doorsteps of the churches and put it in their trucks.”

According to sources: The Red Cross took the donations and resold those that they could make a profit from. We are reaching out to the Red Cross for comment.


Gina says the Red Cross was protected by Obama and his executive order.

From the Facebook page: Red Cross stealing from the doorsteps of churches after Harvey devastated Texas they were protected by order EO 13603 it is an executive order that was signed on March 16 of 2012 by Barack Obama you can find this information at

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