REPORT: General Kelly Blocking Trump From Negative Reports on DACA

Social media was set ablaze after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer released a statement following their ‘working dinner’ with President Trump Thursday night claiming they reportedly struck a deal shielding DACA recipients from deportation.

The two leading Democrats left the White House and released the following statement.
— No border wall
— And amnesty for DREAMERs

That would break two Trump campaign promises right there.


White House Spox immediately refuted the statement.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent out a tweet after Pelosi and Schumer issued a statement. She said, “While DACA and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to.”

Since Thursday night there has been much confusion on Trump’s next move regarding DACA. His tweets sound more like Marco Rubio’s as he softens from his original anti-amnesty stance, angering his core base.

Steve Bannon is no longer in the White House and Trump’s top advisers Jared and Ivanka, General Kelly, and Globalist Gary Cohn have shown to be sympathetic to “Dreamers.”

A new report by Axios is claiming General Kelly is shielding President Trump from any negative reports on his DACA stance. Staffers can no longer walk into the Oval Office and hand Trump a Breitbart article or a printout of tweets showing how angry his supporters are over amnesty.

The only way staffers can meet with President Trump is through General Kelly which means they have to submit an official, documented, request to meet with him.

Axios reports:

He (Trump) reads his morning news clips and briefing materials, which are managed by Staff Secretary Rob Porter, under the guidance of Kelly. And during the day it’s not possible for a staff member to sneak a story onto Trump’s desk that might rile him up and turn him in a wildly different direction in an instant.

Staff who oppose the moderate immigration turn no longer have unfettered access to Trump, and nor do allies on the outside who, in the first six months of the administration, used to send text messages to Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller, and often receive a snappy callback from the president. Kelly now has real control over the most important input: the flow of human and paper advice into the Oval Office. For a man as obsessed about his self image as Trump, a new flow of inputs can make the world of difference.



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