Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Suffers HUGE Backlash After Asking Fans to Join Team in Protest

Last Sunday over 200 NFL players knelt during the US national anthem on Gold Star Mothers Day.

Thursday night in Green Bay, the Packers and Bears players ALL stood for the anthem.
They linked arms for social justice. The NFL players are trying to spin what they are doing as ‘unity’ when we all know they are still protesting.

Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers suffered a huge backlash after he called on Green Bay fans to join the team in protest by linking arms during the National Anthem.


Packers fans are die-hard! They will sit through fierce blizzards dressed like Eskimos to see the Packers play. There is a huge line to purchase Packers season tickets; people have been waiting for decades and still won’t see the tickets in this lifetime. Green Bay season ticket holders actually pass tickets down through wills to keep it in the family. The backlash they are receiving is genuine anger from hardcore, invested fans.

GreenBay Press-Gazette reported on some of the backlash:

“I am so ashamed of and appalled by the ignorance of any NFL player who would dare disgrace our Stars and Stripes or the memory of hundreds of thousands of fallen U.S. heroes who paid with their lives so that we may live free,” said Steven Tiefenthaler, a native of Brookfield who now lives in San Antonio. Tiefenthaler is a Packers shareholder and 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran.

Tiefenthaler said he was humbled by once flying the remains of American servicemen to the states, an experience that stays with him.

“My allegiance to our American flag and to our national anthem will always stand far above any loyalty to the NFL or to the Green Bay Packers organization,” he said.

Laura Hapke, a La Crosse native now living in Orange, Calif., said the Packers were the last team she expected to do what they did Sunday.

Hapke meets with other Packers fans each week to watch the game. Her mother is a shareholder and she’s on the season-ticket waiting list. In other words, she’s a diehard fan.

“If they come out and say they are more into politics than patriotism, I’ll have to rethink it,” she said. “It will break my heart, but I’ll have to rethink it.”

Social media backlash as well from angry ex-NFL fans

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