OUTRAGEOUS: Iraqi “Refugee” in Sweden Rapes 13yo Girl, ALLOWED TO STAY IN COUNTRY!

An Iraqi native living in Malmö, Sweden forced a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him – he was given a short prison sentence and was NOT expelled from the country.

The Iraqi man found naked pictures of the girl and then contacted her through Instagram, threatening to spread the photos if she did not have sex with him. The man raped a little girl and was only given a short prison sentence and is not going to be expelled from the country.

The migrant man pretended to be 16-years-old when he reached out to the girl and committed his first assault on the victim around the middle of December in 2016, according to Free Times, a Swedish language immigration-critical online publication.


The Iraqi migrant forced the girl to have sex with him in a basement despite repeated cries for him to stop. This man, who is actually a 19-year-old Iraqi citizen, was sentenced a prior time back in June 2016 for “unlawful driving”.

The verdict was announced in August in a Malmö District court – the sentence is one year and three months in prison and $115,000 in damages to the girl.

Original story reported in Sweedish publication FriaTider.se

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