#NeverTrump RINO Jeff Flake Down 26 Points to GOP Challenger Kelli Ward – Says it’s “Not Relevant” (Video)

Republican challenger Dr. Kelli Ward jumped to a 26 point lead over #NeverTrump RINO Senator Jeff Flake in the Arizona primary race in late August.

But #NeverTrump RINO Senator Jeff Flake says the recent polls are “not relevant.”

Senator Flake spoke with MSNBC this morning about his current situation.

The Daily Caller reported:

GOP Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona thinks polls showing Dr. Kelli Ward beating him in the Senate primary race are “not relevant” and said Thursday that incumbents always run behind in off-year elections.

“Off year polls are always, incumbents are always down. It’s not that those polls are inaccurate. They’re probably accurate. You do ten of them you’ll get the same thing. It’s just that they’re not very relevant right now,” Flake said on “Morning Joe.”

One poll released in late August showed Ward with 47 percent, and Flake far behind with 21 percent.

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