Liberals Viciously Attack POTUS After White House Releases Names of Charities Trump Donating to For Harvey Relief

As TGP previously reported, the liberals came unhinged over President Trump’s announcement to pledge $1 million dollars to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Makes sense.

Liberals prove everyday that they truly are the mentally ill of society. Many liberals implied the money was coming from a Russian bank, others complained that it wasn’t enough money. Remember when Obama pledged $1 million of his own money to the Louisiana flood victims? Neither do we.

Now this–the White House released a list of charities that will receive donations from POTUS and FLOTUS for Harvey relief and the liberals picked it apart, complaining he gave too much money to Christian organizations.

White House released the list of charities and how much money will be donated to each group:


CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted out the list and the liberals came unhinged. If Trump cured cancer, the liberals would complain he put pharmaceutical companies out of business. It’s never good enough.

Just look how evil liberals are after Trump generously donated to help people in need:

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