Judge Jeanine Pirro: It’s Time to Go After ‘Holier Than Thou Comey’ For ‘Obstruction of Justice, Perjury’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Comey and Hillary Clinton in a monologue after a new report revealed that Comey drafted a declination letter exonerating Hillary before his investigation was over.

Media was set ablaze after bombshell documents released on Thursday show former FBI head James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before the investigation into her email conduct had concluded. Even more concerning is “Mr. Comey even circulated an early draft statement to select members of senior FBI leadership,” reports Townhall.

The former FBI Director also testified to Congress that he decided not to recommended charges in relation to handling of classified information, after the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016. However, a new report reveals Comey penned a memo exonerating Clinton in the Spring. 

An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow pointed out that Hillary was exonerated and immunity was handed out like candy BEFORE 17 witnesses were even interviewed–including Hillary Clinton.

Judicial Watch’s Director of Investigations, Chris Farrell came out and said Comey perjured himself.


Farrell told Fox News’ David Asman, who filled in for Lou Dobbs on Friday evening that James Comey perjured himself when he said under oath that he decided to not recommend charges for Hillary until after he interviewed her in July.

Now Judge Jeanine Pirro is calling for an investigation into Comey for perjury and obstruction of justice.

“No more cover-ups. No more rigged investigations. No more cutting organized criminal enterprises like the Clinton Foundation any slack.”

“Mr. Holier-Than-Thou” Comey is the “essence of the swamp that Americans so want to clean up,” Pirro said.

“It is time to go after Jim Comey,”

Video via Fox News:

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