Screaming Illegals Surround Pelosi at Presser – Security Forced to Shuffle Her to Safety (VIDEO)

Angry illegal aliens stormed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Dream Act presser on Monday and got in her face chanting, “Democrats deport!” and “Yes or No??”

Illegal aliens got right in Nancy Pelosi’s face screaming, “Yes or No!”–watch Pelosi try to make sense of what they are demanding as she asks “To what??”:

Illegal aliens chant: “Democrats deport!”

More footage of the ambush:

Nancy Pelosi was set to speak about the DREAM Act when too many angry DACA recipients surrounded her and screamed at her demanding answers on their future and claiming every illegal immigrant be protected.

Pelosi said, “It’s clear you don’t want any answers. It’s clear,” as she was rushed out of the event to safety.


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