GOP Candidate Roy Moore Pulls Out Revolver at Rally (VIDEO)

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore pulled out a revolver at his rally Monday night to show the crowd he supports the 2nd Amendment.

Moore began by saying he dealt with “nearly three months of negative ads” that he couldn’t answer because he didn’t have the funds to respond.

“Ads that were completely false–that I don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment.”

Moore pulled out a revolver as he continued, “I believe in the Second Amendment.”

The crowd erupted in cheers.

Moore is up against Luther Strange who has President Trump’s backing, however the President later came out and said he may have made a mistake supporting Strange.

Luther Strange also has big money pouring into his campaign and outspent Moore by 300 percent.

Trump said on Monday that if Moore wins, the Democrats would win the general election for the seat.

Moore is considered an anti-establishment Republican and has the backing of Steve Bannon.


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