FLASHBACK=> Trump in 2014: Cantor’s Defeat Shows “Everybody” in Congress Vulnerable if They Support Amnesty

President Trump told Breitbart News back in June 2014 that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s historic loss shows that “everybody” is vulnerable if they support amnesty.

Businessman Trump warned the GOP: “To avoid a fate like Cantor’s, don’t support amnesty.”
Breitbart.com reported:

Real estate magnate and conservative provocateur Donald Trump told Breitbart News Thursday that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s defeat in a primary by conservative Dave Brat shows the entire political class in Washington is in danger.

“Everybody is vulnerable because what’s happening in the country is very sad and the world is watching,” Trump said, emphasizing again: “Everybody is now vulnerable.”

Trump said he thinks Cantor’s “amazing” can be traced to his stance on immigration policy and because Cantor “lost touch with his people that he’s representing.”

“His whole stance on immigration and his softness on immigration caused him to lose one of the most embarrassing elections ever,” Trump said.

Overall, Trump warns the rest of the Republican Party, to avoid a fate like Cantor’s, don’t support amnesty or a massive increase in legal immigration.

On Wednesday President Trump said it was likely he would support anmnesty for DREAMERS breaking a campaign promise.

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