FLASHBACK: Donald Trump References Gateway Pundit in 2013, Says “Anthony Weiner Is Sick Pervert – Will Never Change”

Back on July 24th of 2013, now President Donald Trump tweeted out a link to a Gateway Pundit article referencing a comment he made about pervert Hillary Clinton surrogate Anthony Weiner.

The comment, which read: “Anthony Weiner is a sick pervert, you think he will change? He will never change,” and predated most of the scandals that would come to embroil the “whack-job pervert” Anthony Weiner and his Clintonite associates.

Just today it was announced that Weiner would receive a 21-month prison sentence for sexting with a minor.

Though the penalty is considerably lighter than it should be, Weiner is finally facing justice for egregious behavior.

Who would’ve guessed, all this time, that President Trump was so prescient?


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