Dog The Bounty Hunter Calls On Americans To “Fly Your Flags!” For Solidarity With TX/FL [EXCLUSIVE]

We’ve seen first responders around the country working around the clock to guarantee the safety of Americans impacted by Hurricane Irma, we’ve seen American citizens putting themselves in harm’s way, coming from all over the country to help their fellow citizens. Dog The Bounty Hunter, moved by the American perseverance and unity we’ve seen and is urging all Americans to fly the flag:

“While I was in the middle of hanging my American Flag, a cop stops by and says, ‘Dog, what’s up with the American flag?’ He thought for a moment and then said, ‘oh yeah’ I said ‘Yep, Flordia and Texas.’ He said ‘when I get home, I’m going to be hanging mine up – and I’m going to get the other members of our precinct to do the same.”

“Right now, in the aftermath of the elections, we have all these negative symbols and political fighting. But despite all of that, you can see that hurricanes we are all back together.”

Dog went on to say that with the damage and death that these disasters bring, they remind us of the deep unity that we all share as fellow Americans. Political disagreements don’t matter when we’re hit with these hurdles, Americans helping Americans is what matters. And we’ve seen plenty of that. “When you’re an American, you’re all of one tribe,” Dog said.

It’s a symbol of victory, it’s a symbol of us fighting against all odds (such as in the aftermath of 9/11), it’s a symbol of brotherhood. Perhaps, most importantly, it’s a symbol of unity.

Dog The Bounty Hunter went on to urge fellow Americans to donate to the relief funds for victims in Texas and Flordia, “Even ten dollars will help, whatever you can spare.”

Dog is currently battling it out with Rand Paul over a potentially dangerous bail reform laws. You can visit his website to learn more at

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