Deroy Murdock to Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are ‘Fresh Out of Ideas, They Don’t Have An Agenda’ (VIDEO)

National Review Online’s Deroy Murdock appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday to discuss the unraveling of the Democrat Party and their absolute lack of any new or creative ideas.

During the segment with Tucker, Murdock went on to discuss Bill Clinton’s condemnation of President Trump’s “#MAGA” slogan. Clinton called the slogan a “racial dog whistle” throughout the campaign despite Clinton repeatedly using the phrase “Make America Great Again” during his tenure as president.

Railing on Clinton, Murdock stated:

“It’s only white supremacist when Trump says it, when Hillary Clinton’s husband says it, then I guess it’s, you know, a warm, toasty, friendly call to patriotism, or something like this . . .”

The duplicity of the Democrats and the hypocritical nature of their rhetoric continues to be on full display across media outlets leading up to and following the election of President Trump.


Murdock then segues into commenting about the crumbling DNC:

“The Democrats don’t have any ideas. They’re fresh out of ideas, they don’t have an agenda, there’s no program, there’s no vision, and all they’ve got left is to try to stir racial tension and get people at each other’s throats and somehow they hope, in that effort to divide and conquer, it’s an incredibly ugly and disgusting and I think unpatriotic and un-American way to conduct public affairs in this country and they should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves.”

Watch the video below:

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