Crooked Democrat Menendez Cries Outside Federal Court (VIDEO)

The liberal media really, really doesn’t want to report on the trial of Senator Bob Menendez in New Jersey.

The New York Times wrote an entire piece without identifying Senator Menendez as a Democrat from New Jersey.

The New York Times later admitted that Menendez is a Democrat in updated version of the story two days later.

The AP and NBC both tweeted out a story that Bob Menendez is a Republican.


The Democrat Senator from New Jersey is on trial for bribery. He is facing a dozen criminal charges. He is accused of accepting more than $700,000 in campaign related cash and thousands of dollars in free hotel rooms and air travel, Fox News reports.

The crooked Democrat Senator gave a tearful proclamation outside of the federal court, claiming he’s innocent. Typical crooked Democrat politician.


Video via Stock Monster Twitter

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