Chelsea Clinton Continues to Attack POTUS=> Complains About ‘Lack of EPA Presence’ in Texas – Trump Supporters Respond

Chelsea Clinton decided to further divide Americans as many have come together in a time a tragedy to help all who are suffering from Hurricane Harvey destruction.

Now Chelsea Clinton is complaining about the lack of EPA presence in Texas despite the praise President Trump received from Governor Abbott. Trump deployed supplies to Texas before the hurricane made landfall and his ‘all hands on deck’ strategy has helped reduce suffering, but it’s never enough for the liberals. All liberals do is fear-monger.

President Trump and First Lady Melania traveled to Houston, Texas on Saturday to visit people affected by Hurricane Harvey. POTUS and FLOTUS also greeted children at NRG stadium in Houston. POTUS hugged, kissed and even “played toys” with children impacted by the storm. It’s a side Trump voters know exists of the President, but so seldom hear about from the mainstream media. Trump also declared Sunday a ‘National Day of Prayer’ for Harvey victims, but leave it to liberals like Chelsea Clinton to continue to divide the nation.

Chelsea Clinton just won’t go away. What has she ever done besides tweet Marxist platitudes and complain about her criminal mother’s election loss?

Chelsea tweeted out a thread from a woman complaining about changes made at the EPA since Trump was elected. The EPA is another Marxist front group posing an an environmental agency. The American people voted for less of this which is why Trump is the president, not Hillary. Get over it, liberals.


The thread began with a woman coming unglued over the changes at the EPA in the last year. Newsflash, we have a new President. With liberals, the sky is always falling and the answer is always ‘more government’.

Chelsea also retweeted a woman who said, “I have worked for the environment at the state level for many years. You can trust me when I say EPA’s absence in TX is unprecedented.”

Trump supporters responded and slammed Chelsea Clinton:

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