It Begins: Two Chicago Cops Take a Knee Against Themselves

It’s come to this…
Chicago police take a knee against themselves – pose with black power fist raised.

Two black police officers were pictured in Chicago on one knee.

Instagram Barbie Englewood Barbie posted the photo on Instagram with a caption.

She believes the lies that Mike Brown was an innocent youth shot in cold blood with his hands up.


Don’t be Afraid to be Controversial.. I will stand behind them!
Go Bother the killers of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tamar Rice, Trayvon Martin,Philando Castile and the list goes on and on.. these men did a Noble thing! They let me know that even in uniform they’re against Police Brutality & Racism! They took a Kneel for Us when nobody else would that looked like them!

This entire narrative is based on lies.

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