Violence in Berkeley=> Punches Thrown, Police Make Arrests After Antifa Mob Riots in Park (VIDEOS)

Berkeley, CA – Far left-wing Antifa protesters continued their ‘counter-protest’ on Sunday after Oregon-based Patriot Prayer group cancelled their free speech rally.

The Patriot Prayer group canceled their rally but a few supporters turned out anyway.
That’s when hundreds of alt-left Antifa protesters rioted.

As usual, ALL Trump supporters are being labeled as ‘Nazi’s’ by the media and alt-left protesters.

Police lined up in MLK Park in Berkeley 

Man detained by police:

“You don’t know me homie!” (language warning on all videos)

Police stop a fight:

Another man arrested and or detained:

Sheriff’s marching to Center and Milvia in MLK Park:

Alt-left protesters chanting their signature, low energy ‘No Trump no KKK no fascist USA!’

Videos via Berkeleyside, Lizzie Johnson and Mike Kohn and Brian Kans Twitter accounts.

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