Vicente Fox Lashes Out at Trump, Drops F-Bomb Live On Air: “We’ll Never Pay For That F*cking Wall!” (VIDEO)

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox appeared on CNN Friday morning and dropped an F-bomb while telling Alisyn Camerota that Mexico isn’t going to pay for the border wall.

Alisyn Camerota was left flushed-faced after former Mexican President Vicente Fox unleashed on President Trump with his usual line, ‘We’re not paying for the f*cking wall!’

“Do you think the president of Mexico should have been more forceful in saying ‘it’s never going to happen’,” Camerota asked Fox of Trump’s continual push for Mexico to pay for the border wall.


Vicente Fox immediately responded saying, “Well you could use my words, we’ll never pay for that f*cking wall!”

Camerota’s face dropped as she apologized to her audience and regretted not taking the ‘5 second delay’ offered to her before the interview.

Video via Mark Newton: (language warning)

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