StL Mayor Defends Far Left Trans Protest Mob That Blocked Intersection, Jumped on Cars — Gets Pummeled on Twitter

Transgender Kiwi Herring was shot dead by a St. Louis police officer this week after she lunged at and cut a police officer during a domestic disturbance call.

Kiwi Herring was the 19th transsexual killed this year.

She cut a police officer.
The officer shot her.

On Wednesday there was a protest in the Grove neighborhood in St. Louis city.
The “Trans Lives Matter” protesters blocked the very busy intersection at Manchester and Chouteau.


During the protest a vehicle pulled up to the intersection and was immediately swarmed by the protesters.
The protesters jumped on the hood of the car and the driver sped away.

Video of the incident was later released. You can see the protest mob beating on the man’s car.

The driver as arrested and booked on several charges. None of the protesters were arrested.
The driver was a supporter of Democrat mayor Lyda Krewson.

On Thursday St. Louis City Mayor defended the protesters blocking the street.

Mayor Krewson: I don’t know person in the photo- I take pics w/ a lot of people- Police are applying for felony charges- that’s the right call! Driving into people is totally wrong. People have a right to protest, he should have used common sense and turned around.

Ever since Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson far left protesters believe they have the right to shut down traffic in the city and on the interstate on a whim.

St. Louis citizens are getting tired of the juveniles and their selfishness.

The mayor got hammered by law-abiding citizens on Twitter for defending the protest mob.

Americans are getting tired of the lawlessness promoted by the Democrat Party.

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