Orwellian! Google Revises Abraham Lincoln’s Political Party

This truly is Orwellian
Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and was the first Republican President.

Except for Google.

The search engine giant is rewriting history.
Google cannot even bring itself to acknowledge that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

If you ‘Google” – “What political party did Abraham Lincoln belong to?”
This is what you get:

What garbage!

From the history books on Lincoln: In part due to the ongoing violent political confrontations in the Kansas, opposition to the Kansas-Nebraska Act remained strong in Illinois and throughout the North. As the 1856 elections approached, Lincoln abandoned the defunct Whig Party in favor of the Republicans. He attended the May 1856 Bloomington Convention, which formally established the Illinois Republican Party.


Google is committing revisionist history via omission.

Hat Tip Tyler

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