Maria Bartiromo Was Right=> Mueller Subpoena of Podesta Group Suggests Stronger Democrat Ties To Russia

As previously reported, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo invited former Hillary Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta as a guest to discuss his closed-door session with the House panel.

Bartiromo did not disappoint! She slammed Podesta on his ties to the Russians. Bartiromo also brought up how the Democrats have stronger ties to the Russians.
Podesta was visibly rattled as he struggled to defend his position.

Bartiromo came out swinging in the interview and pointed out that it is the DEMOCRATS who have deeper and stronger ties to Russia.


“John, I gotta ask you about your own ties to Russian entities. You joined the board of a small energy company in 2011, two months later a Russia entity directly funded by the Kremlin invested $35 million in the company. You were given 75,000 shares in a Russian company which you failed to disclose when you became an Obama associate.”

Of course John Podesta came unhinged after he was actually asked a tough question by someone in the media and immediately denied it.


“Maria that’s not true. I fully disclosed it and was fully compliant…and by the way I divested before I went to the White House…”

Bartiromo was not letting John Podesta off the hook easy. She immediately said, “But where did you divest it, John? Why do people say you divested to your adult children?”

Podesta became visibly angry and accused Bartiromo of “picking through his emails that were stolen by the Russians and released by Wikileaks.”

The more Podesta pushed back, the more Maria Bartiromo slammed him over his lies and ties to the Russians. She even brought up Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal, selling 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State.

We know from Podesta’s own emails that Hillary Clinton bragged about being invited to “Putin’s inner sanctum“.  We also know that Podesta did exercise 75,000 stock options and as a result gained “75,000 common shares” as a result of being a member of the executive board of energy company, Joule Unlimited.  We also know that Joule Unlimited received millions from a Putin-connected Russian government fund and that Podesta did transfer to his daughter, Megan Rouse, his shares of common stock in this company.

Again, we do not know the number of times that Podesta lied in his interview with Maria Bartiromo.

Maria Bartiromo tweeted out the Gateway Pundit’s report from Friday where we point out that the media buried the fact that the Podesta Group was one of many firms to receive a subpoena from Mueller:

Excerpt from NBC’s exclusive article. In the original article, Podesta Group is mentioned 9 paragraphs down.

NBC News:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued grand jury subpoenas in recent days seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on an international campaign organized by Paul Manafort, people directly familiar with the matter told NBC News.

Manafort also was present at a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lobbyist and a Russian lawyer, along with Donald Trump Jr. and Kushner. NBC News has previously reported that Kushner is under scrutiny by investigators, and that Mueller is examining whether President Trump obstructed justice.

The executive said six firms participated in the public relations effort that Manafort coordinated, paid for by a Brussels-based non-profit called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine. The stated goal was to build support for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union.

Two of the firms, Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, worked in Washington with Manafort partner Rick Gates, according to lobbying disclosure records. Three other firms worked in Europe, the executive said. NBC News could not confirm the identity of those three.

TGP also reported earlier Friday, the Podesta Group, run by John Podesta’s brother Tony, retroactively filed DOJ disclosures for ‘pro-Putin lobbying.’

How’s that for “collusion?”


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