Loud Explosions in Seattle as Police Pepper Spray Violent Left-Wing Antifa Protesters (VIDEOS)


The pro-Trump Patriot Prayer Group held a rally on Sunday in Seattle. The march was planned before Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The pro-Trump group peacefully marched on Sunday.

That’s when left-wing Antifa activists showed up waving Soviet flags, burning American flags, throwing fireworks and spraying police officers with silly string.


Police pepper sprayed the violent Antifa members who were blocking an ally way.

‘Peaceful’ liberal protester holding up a sign that says ‘Kill Nazi’s’:

Police pepper spray protesters blocking an ally way:

Cops pepper spraying protesters and loud explosions:


Antifa burning an American flag:

Police getting sprayed with silly string:

Police holding their ground:

Antifa waving the Soviet flag:

Protesters chanting ‘cops and klan – hand in hand!’ as police arrest a protester:

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