IRS Gives Tax Exempt Status to Satanic Group in 10 Days – Makes Christian Groups Wait For Years

Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch uncovered yet another shocking abuse by Obama’s IRS.

The Reason Alliance, which is a Massachusetts group that worships Satan, created an after school Satanic club for elementary schools. They received their tax exempt status by the IRS within 10 days of applying while Tea Party groups waited years. Pure evil.

Director of Communications for Judicial Watch, Carter Clews interviewed a senior investigator for the watchdog group, Bill Marshall. Bill Marshall uncovered this stunning abuse by Obama’s IRS.

“An after school Satanic club was set up by the Satanic temple of Seattle, I believe was the sponsoring organization. What I was most curious about was how long it took the Reason Alliance to get its tax exempt status because as you may remember, the Tea Party groups back in 2010, ’11, ’12 effectively had their applications for tax exempt status from the IRS halted through log rolling,” Bill explained.

“So I contacted the IRS and I got the tax exemption application for the Reason Alliance…do you know how long it took them to get their tax exempt status? 10 days,” Bill said.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, a federal judge ordered the IRS to release the names of specific employees involved in targeting Tea Party groups.

Lois Lerner headed the IRS at the time and actually admitted to targeting conservative groups seeking nonprofit status, “That was wrong. That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. … The IRS would like to apologize for that.”

Director of Investigations and Research at conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell told Fox News, “This was creepy, chilling stuff. Judge Walton has accomplished more with one ruling than all of the rest of the federal government–all three branches, over the last six years.”

Chris Farrell added: “The IRS is one of the most feared government agencies, and they’ve gotten a pass, in part. Walton is looking for real accountability and that’s so important.”

Watch Bill Marshall discuss this shocking revelation below. Video via Judicial Watch:

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