Is H.R. McMaster on Thin Ice at the White House? (VIDEO)

National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster took a beating this week from conservative media online following news of him purging Trump loyalists while praising Susan Rice and granting her access to classified information.

Rumors are swirling that President Trump is furious about McMaster’s decisions in his recent firings. Steve Bannon is reportedly also at odds with McMaster, causing a schism in the White House. It is a fight between the Trump loyalists and Deep State operatives still buzzing around attempting to unseat Trump.

TGP reported Thursday, McMaster might be shipped off to Afghanistan to oversee the war. The news also comes amid reports McMaster was caught leaking internal White House politics to now former Acting FBI Head Andy McCabe.


Fox News reports:

There are new questions about the future of National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, as President Donald Trump is reportedly growing more frustrated with the lack of progress in Afghanistan.

Earlier this week, two Army soldiers were killed in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province when their convoy was hit by an explosive device. On Thursday, a suicide bomber attacked a NATO convoy near the town of Qarabagh, killing one and injuring several more.

On “The Story” tonight, Lt. Col. Michael Waltz (Ret.) said Trump is right to be frustrated with the lack of a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan.

Despite that, Waltz cautioned against simply pulling U.S. soldiers out of the country, as Al Qaeda, ISIS and other groups would make gains in the wake of the Taliban.

Guest host Dana Perino asked if McMaster is on thin ice at the White House.

Waltz said there have long been factions in the Republican Party, with those who hold isolationist views and those who want to lead abroad, and that’s what this “tension” appears to be centered on.

As for rumors that Trump is considering shifting CIA Director Mike Pompeo to national security adviser and sending McMaster to command U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Waltz said McMaster would do a great job, but he wants to see him stay in his current position.

Circa News’ Sara Carter revealed President Trump is mulling another major White House shake-up, which would see National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. 

“Investigating: Rumors swirling in Wash circles and sources saying  “considering CIA Pompeo to replace HR” wait and see?”, tweeted Carter.

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