A Beginner’s Guide To Alt-Left Groups: Get To Know America’s Anti-Intellectual Domestic Terrorists

With President Trump formally and finally condemning the violent and hateful “Alt-Left”, which  is the interconnected set of extremist ideologies and terrorist organizations that are applauded by the mainstream liberal left, it is important to take a closer look at who these extremists are and what they purport to stand for.

Through the rise of left-wing political organizations that openly embrace violent and malicious tactics under an idea of “peace through violence” in their pursuit of “social justice,” we are witnessing a decline of morality and national identity. Of the collective groups that make up the Alt-Left, each represents a different hyper-specific focus. Like a Venn diagram, there is quite a bit of overlap in  each sub-group’s principles, ideals, and approaches, as well as how they ballooned to the sizes they are today (hint: college campus indoctrination), but each is most definitely distinct in their own way.

Very similar to the “Alt-Right”, all of these far-left extremist groups have a few primary things in common: they utilize tactics such as identity politics and violence to promote socialism, social fascism, and the redistribution of wealth.



“Black Lives Matter” – a.k.a. “#BLM”, “#BlackLivesMatter”

A far-far-left domestic terrorism group that relies on identity politics and favorable mainstream media overhype, Black Lives Matter believes that police in the United States unfairly target black Americans for crimes they either did not commit or that inversely a white person would not be charged for having committed. For this reason, BLM tends to mobilize quickest whenever a black criminal is shot by a police officer after resisting arrest and posing a threat to the officer’s life (*cough* *cough* Michael Brown).


The concept of the “Black Lives Matter” movement is akin to if the Black Panther Party had a child with a fat white feminist that they then tried to abort but it somehow survived; more than half of “BLM” members, internationally, are indeed white and overweight. This brings up a very important constant among all of the organizations we will discuss: the fact that the vast majority of the most vocal advocates of all these Alt-Left groups are financially well-off (usually upper-middle class), bored, and white. A sociological medley of hyper-emotional women and the spineless men that chase after them à la Joss Whedon.

It is not shocking to know that, on top of the misleading nature of the demographic makeup of “Black Lives Matter”, the organization is widely known to work against factual information in favor of the “America is racist” fables they generate whenever convenient. For instance, the Black Lives Matter organization is literally based on statistical myths and lies. A Washington Examiner article points out that “last year, the police shot 990 people, the vast majority armed or violently resisting arrest . . . Whites made up 49.9 percent of those victims, blacks 26 percent. That proportion of black victims is lower than what the black violent crime rate would predict […] Blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants in America’s 75 largest counties in 2009, 57 percent of all murder defendants and 45 percent of all assault defendants […] even though blacks comprise only 15 percent of the population,” the article goes on to detail countless statistics that put to bed any and all of the claims Black Lives Matter make. And this is not the first or only study, in fact every respected study on violent crime and murder in the U.S. show that blacks make up a disproportionate percentage of the criminals. If ever there was a time to say, “check yo’self before you wreck yo’self,” now would be the time.


It is simply untrue to claim that cops “unfairly” target blacks. Study after study illustrates just how frequently the number of blacks incarcerated is actually lower than it should be when their high crime rate is taken into account. As another inflection point of statistical interest, blacks commit crimes at a disproportionately higher rate than any other demographic subgroup in the U.S.: there is not “targeting” of blacks in the U.S., there is a subject of the population that is going through a cultural crisis caused by Democrats keeping them addicted to government handouts that has lead to a decrease in reputable occupational ability which has lead to crime , ultimately replacing their desire for a real job.

Rather than Black Lives Matter addressing the real problem, which would be the dramatic uptick in violent crimes and murders committed by blacks (most frequently against other blacks), they prefer to set their sights on phantom police racism. Unfortunately, it is always easier for liberals to blame outside and invisible forces rather than to look from within. To push this false narrative, Black Lives Matter encourages and applauds domestic terrorism, property damage, and the murdering of police officers (horrific manifestations of this occurred in both Texas and New York City).


“BAMN” – a.k.a “The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary”, “By Any Means Necessary”

“BAMN”, formed in 1995 in California, is a radical, far-left, militant street-terror organization that actively weaponizes street demonstrations as well as litigation to oppress those that do not share the same radical left-wing beliefs as them. BAMN is known for their active campaigning among high school and college-aged students and their use of manipulation and persuasion as well as emotional appeals during their recruitment process means they are always prepared to lie and dissuade to achieve their goals.

It is a shared left-wing belief that you have to “break a few eggs to make an omelette” and no organization takes this to heart quite as literally as BAMN. BAMN advocates for “a national policy of affirmative action,” or handouts for those who apparently are too indolent and dense to go out and earn what they want for themselves using the system in place. (Point of interest: if somebody that looks like you has achieved what you want to achieve to some degree, there is no excuse for you to not achieve at their level of success or higher through hard work and dedication). The way BAMN hopes to achieve this is simple: take from white Americans and give to everyone else. Via their website: “BAMN is committed to making real America’s founding declaration that ‘all men are created equal.’ Real equality of rights and opportunities for women and for disadvantaged black, Latina/o, Native American, Asian Pacific American, Arab American, and other minorities requires active, positive measures, a national policy of affirmative action.”

BAMN is an entity that is hell bent on fostering inequality toward a large swath of the population that works just as hard as any other swath of the population, this being white Americans, and in a primary way they are campaigning against white Americans and placing the blame on them as well. This group uses semantics and word-games to mask the truth, and though it can be quite easily inferred considering the fact that white Americans – regardless of financial standing or access to proper schooling – are not on their list of who they campaign for.


“AntiFa” – a.k.a. “Anti-Fascists”, “ANTIFA”, “Antifa”

A historically relevant and radically far-left domestic terrorist organization known as “Antifa”, or “anti-fascists”, employ street violence with makeshift weaponry to “spread peace and love” and fight for “social justice”. Just like their moronic ancestors, Antifa are hardline socialists, communists, or anti-capitalistic anarchists fighting for their “oppressed” comrades. The Antifa movement evolved from college level indoctrination and was then fueled by the mainstream media after they began labelling President Trump and his supporters as “Nazis” or “fascists.” Through this, the “Harry Potter” dweebs decided to pickup bike-locks and go bashing their “enemies” over the head (*cough* *cough* Eric Clanton). It is supreme immaturity that leads to one galavanting around the streets under the collective title of Antifa.

Despite Antifa’s ultimately noble on-paper philosophies, most of the people that congregate as “Antifa” are LARPers (“live action role-play”) attempting to find someone/thing to sexually interact with and the problem with this is the fact that bravado, especially from some of their “women” (God help them), manifests in the form of physical violence as a way to show off. Most of these people have not left their dorm rooms or their parents’ homes before, the shock of sunlight and the atmosphere messes with their minds.

Primarily comprised of white, pale-skinned, stick-thin men, and obese pimple-ridden women, Antifa hide behind masks to both disguise their grotesque appearances and to feel “united” with the others in their group. Their primary interests revolve around devolving the state and working outside of the parameters of our democratic and capitalistic system. When they do work within our system, they will attempt to apply “anarcho-syndicalism”, a view that appropriates industrial unionism as a way for the workers of a democratic/capitalistic society to seize control of the means of production in an effort to influence and control the society at large. They champion Marxism and believe that, through the implementation of Communism, they will have more individual control than under capitalism (a hilariously naïve belief).

Communism claimed the lives of around ninety-four million people in the 20th Century and young boys and girls across the country (and in other parts of the world, of course) experiment with this drug and as the hyperbole will go, this drug is a killer like any other. From Twitter bios to Instagram posts, you can see the hammer and sickle next to the “black flag” emoji and a conveniently placed “#BLM” beside the two and more often than not, it is some college-aged member of the bourgeoisie with a guilt complex and crippling daddy issues – it is all a game to them and a trend to follow not unlike the champagne socialists before them.

ANTIFA Subgroups:

“Black Bloc”

“Black Bloc” is a name that has been given to a group of protesters that are known to wear black clothing, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, and other forms of clothing to hide their identity. The group is explicitly anarchistic and the reasoning behind their hiding of their identities revolves around the fact that they go out with the specific intention of committing a crime of some sort and therefore want to make sure criminal prosecution cannot implicate them.

“Occupy Movement” – a.k.a. “Resist”

The “Occupy” movement began in September of 2011 and focuses on occupation, “nonviolent protest”, civil disobedience, picketing, digital activism, general strikes, direct action, and riots  though the last two completely undermine their claim of being “nonviolent” in their protesting. The Occupy people, which morphed into the “Resist” people following the 2016 United States presidential election, are a socio-political entity from the far-left that “fights” against what they deem social and economic inequality and an alleged lack of “real democracy” even though the perpetuation of “fake democracy” comes from left-wing politicians and neoconservative globalist politicians that accept influence from lobbyists and special interests groups that are not conducive to the system at large.

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