DOG VS. SOROS: Head of SOROS’ ‘Drug Policy Alliance’ RUNS From Beth Chapman & Dog the Bounty Hunter [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

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“Drug Policy Alliance” has a moral enough sounding name, right? Almost like it might be an advocacy or rehab organization that helps Americans stay clean, and off drugs, becoming contributing members to society. Give their website a look, and think again.

Soros — a man who has long pushed for the destabilization of American and European societies through trying to ‘Muslimize Europe’, paid for anarchist protestors to be bussed in to riots across the world, worked to destabilize the American political structure, and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more — typically remains in the shadows. Preferring to attempt to keep his name off the records and off the books. This is not true when it comes to one of his flagitious operations, known as the “Drug Policy Alliance”, which openly boasts of Soros on the board.

Among George Soros’ more openly nefarious plans, he is attempting to first push for the wide-spread use of drugs on American streets; the second part of his plan involves the release of all drug addicts from prison leading to wide spread panic and chaos. And They don’t even pretend to hide this objective.

Beth Chapman and Dog The Bounty Hunter confronted  Roseanne Scotti, Senior Director of Drug Policy Alliance, after Scotti broke into a private press conference concerning drug policy and lured some of the press over to a corner. Once confronted by the Chapmans, Scotti proceeded to RUN from answering any questions.

Journalist Lee Stranahan was was able to capture part of the confrontation on Periscope:

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Beth Chapman about the incident:

The Gateway Pundit: What were you hoping to ask her, what do you think she should have answered?

Beth Chapman: I wanted to ask if SHE had ever done drugs, if she had ever had a problem with drugs, have she had ever been strung out on drugs to the point you could barely function in society. And if she said no, if she hasn’t had that experience then why would she be talking like she is. People seem to forget that Duane [“Dog” Chapman] and I have been dealing with these people [drug addicts] on a day to day basis. We know who should get out and who shouldn’t get out of prison.

The Gateway Pundit: What do you think they stand to benefit by lobbying for the release of drug addicts from prison, and the legalization of drugs in the U.S.?

Beth Chapman: They’re running a scam to push for pre-trial release and steal more tax payer money. But it’s not even a problem of it just “not working” they are directly trying to aide and abed, and increase, the criminal element that exists on our streets right now.  They’re trying to achieve this by pushing that narrative that doing drugs is a “disease” – it is not a disease. The good hardworking people of America know that these are not diseases, they are choices, and continued bad choices result in addiction… depending on the class of substance, which is heroin and opiates. And that’s part of what I needed to address with Scotti, if she has no experience taking drugs and has not been around actual addicts, repeat offenders – people who day after day steal and harm others to nurture their drug habits – then how would releasing them and eliminating bail incentivize them to change their behavior? How would it incentivize them to stop committing crime? It won’t, these criminals will flock to cities that eliminate the bail system and end up in a continuous state of theft and drug use. It is minor crimes – stealing cartons of cigarettes, checkbooks, credit cards, cell phones, steals their car, smash and grabs on cars, even stealing license plates, all to buy drugs – it is those minor and frequent crimes that destabilize life for many Americans on a day to day basis.

The Gateway Pundit: Obviously, if most Americans heard that they would adamantly oppose any sort of ‘catch and release’ system concerning repeat offenders and drug users – so how exactly are the Drug Policy Alliance and Roseanne Scotti working around that? What they’re setting forth doesn’t seem appealing to anyone but the criminals…

Beth Chapman:  Scotti and the Drug Policy Alliance want to flip the role of the victim and the criminal. She’s out saying “they’re not criminals, they’re just misunderstood” or “they’re just poor” – you can be poor and not be a criminal, you can be poor and not be a drug addict. She [Scotti] claimed that 1,500 people have only minor bonds, or have only committed minor crimes; well, we checked out those 1,500 people and most of them had probation violations, warrants from other cities and other counties. There were only 42 people on that list who were even eligible for bond. They have no real data, no real statistics so they fall back on data that is very old or outright false. And this is not  even the worst case, there was a repeat offender pedophile recently who got out on the new bail reform laws these people are pushing, and immediately lured a 12-year old girl into his house. The police chief had to go onto his Facebook and say ‘due to the new bail reform laws we were hit with, we can no longer keep you safe. We cannot protect you. You need to buy a gun. These people are going to go in and out of jail before we even know that they were released.’ And honestly, half the time it’s before officers even had a chance to FINISH their reports on these people that they’re out of jail again.

The Gateway Pundit: So not only does this put the majority of Americans, law abiding citizens at an incredible increased risk of danger, from a fiscal side it seems like it presents a MUCH larger tax burden on citizens than incarceration for these criminals.

Beth Chapman: ABSOLUTELY. We’re talking hundreds of millions of tax dollars. They keep claiming that these [bail changes and drug policy] changes are  not going to cost anything, but they are flat out lying. Just Google some of the stuff going on in New Jersey right now, about the true costs of this. One article said that it was 22 million, then the next said it was actually going to be 200 million, then one of the judges went back and said ‘this still isn’t even close.’ So what does Chris Christie do? He goes back and tries to rob the insurance people for 300 million out of their reserves so he could make his budget match. They are not going to be able to afford this. And right now they are trying to implement this in California, if they succeed there we will be in BIG BIG trouble. All those people will be released from jail, and it will be nothing but pandemonium. I told them, this is going to be a blood bath when they tried this in New Jersey. Two weeks later, a major went public and said that there were already two murders just in his town. Bail bonds people capture an average of 200 people a day in America, at no expense to the tax payer. This is a user funded service. They’re trying to shift the accountability from the user of the bail bonds, the criminal, over to the tax payer – and it’s a disaster.

The Gateway Pundit: Sounds like it. We will continue to follow this story and hold the politicians who are pushing this accountable.

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