Developing: Four Swing Seat Republicans in Minnesota REFUSE to Back Antifa Paul Ryan

FOR OVER A YEAR conservatives, Trump supporters and American patriots have been assaulted, spit on, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, chased, tackled and bloodied  for attending Trump rallies and conservative events.

On Saturday Antifa thugs chased, beat, spit on and pepper-sprayed a group of Trump supporters in Berkeley, California.

Antifa thugs pepper-sprayed a free speech supporter then covered him with spit.

Nancy Pelosi condemned antifa terrorists – Paul Ryan has refused to condemn these same terrorists.

On Wednesday four swing seat Republicans in Minnesota refused to endorse Paul Ryan for Speaker.
The Hill reported:


Four Republican congressional candidates in Minnesota refused to commit their support to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) when asked about him at a candidate forum.

In a video from the Minnesota State Fair, the four would not say whether they’d support Ryan if he runs for Speaker in the next Congress.

The video was first reported on by The Washington Post.

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