Billionaire Minecraft Creator Slams Google: I Hope you See How Google Firing is Deeply Problematic

This past weekend Google engineer James Damore released a ten-page manifesto criticizing the politically correct culture that has infected Google’s corporate environment.

On Monday night Damore was fired by Google for straying from company diversity policy.

Opposing diversity policy is not allowed.

On Monday night Markus Persson the billionaire founder of Minecraft posted a rant against the intolerant brass at Google for firing the outspoken engineer.

“I hope you see how the google firing is deeply problematic. And the reason you pretend to hold on to opinions you know make no sense is because you’re afraid of that happening to you. Snap out of it.”


Notch goes on: At the root, it’s a culture problem, not a google problem. Changing email provider or phone brand won’t fix it.

I do realize not everybody has the same ability to speak up to the level I do, and I don’t fault anyone for it. Just.. try to do it a bit..

Then he took on one intolerant shame-hurling leftist:
No, I don’t stand for shit. Everybody just be free.
But I stand AGAINST the exact kind of shame implication bullshit you’re doing right now

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