Auntie Maxine Waters Likes Twitter Post that Says “F*ck Trump” — This is Conduct Unbecoming of Lawmaker

On Saturday Democrat and leading House Representive Maxine Waters (D-CA) liked a tweet by Jozea Flores, an actor and Editor-at-Large of 360 Magazine.

Flores tweeted out: “Me and the queen herself @MaxineWaters !!!! RECLAIMING HER TIME FUCK TRUMP !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #donaldtrump #maxinewaters #impeachtrump”

Auntie Maxine enjoyed the tweet enough to like it.


This is behavior that is unbecoming of an elected government official.

Republicans should bring Rep. Waters up on ethics charges.

Could you even imagine a Republican lawmaker saying anything like this about Barack Obama?

Here’s the original tweet. It is still listed on Maxine’s twitter page.

Via Reddit:

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