UH-OH: Chelsea Clinton Sued For Stealing Idea For Anti-Trump Children’s Book

Surprise, surprise. It appears Chelsea Clinton may have stolen the idea for her anti-Trump book ‘She Persisted.’

According to the New York Post:

An upstate author is suing Chelsea Clinton for allegedly ripping off his idea when she published her best-selling feminist kids book, “She Persisted,” federal court documents reveal.

Christopher Janes Kimberley, 56, of Albany, is seeking up to $150,000 from the former first daughter and Penguin Random House for copyright infringement, according to the lawsuit, filed Thursday in Southern District of New York court.

The little-known writer claims his 2013 illustrated kids book, “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys And Girls Smart,” features quotes from at least three of the same inspiring women that Clinton uses in the book, according to the court documents.

Kimberly claims he sent the president of Penguin Young Readers US, Jennifer Loja, a book pitch via Facebook in May 2013 and she passed off his idea to Clinton, according to the lawsuit.

In “She Persisted,” Clinton cites Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman and Nellie Bly in the “Quotable Questionnaire” section of the book— a concept she swiped from Kimberly, the suit states.

Clinton’s book also features 13 historical women “front and center on the book cover,” which is “an unauthorized reproduction of [Kimberly’s] own work,” according to the lawsuit.

Chelsea Clinton has been in the news this week after sparing with President Trump over his decision to have his daughter Ivanka momentarily fill in for him during a G-20 meeting.

BBC reported:

US President Donald Trump and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton have sparred over his decision to seat his daughter at a summit of world leaders.

Mr Trump tweeted that his decision to allow his daughter to take his seat at the meeting in Hamburg was “very standard”.

He also said the media would have cheered “CHELSEA FOR PRES!” if Hillary Clinton had made the same choice.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted back that her parents would never have done so.

Ivanka Trump was criticised online after taking her father’s seat between the British prime minister and the Chinese president at the G20 summit in Germany on Saturday as her father sat for a one-on-one meeting with the Indonesian president.

The US president tweeted on Monday morning: “I asked Ivanka to hold seat. Very standard.



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