Twitter Reacts to Trump’s CNN Beatdown Tweet: “Beats the Gettysburg Address – Not Even Close”

Guest post by Joe Hoft


President Donald Trump unleashed perhaps the greatest tweet ever this morning on Twitter.


Within an hour the tweet had over a 100,000 likes.  Members of the media responded. Twitter was abuzz.

One tweet said: “We can expect Jim Acosta to be crying about Trump’s CNN tweet in 3..2..1.

Then shortly thereafter CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted: “Isn’t Pro Wrestling Fake?” and Donald Trump Jr replied: “Yes, just like your coverage.”


One tweet responded that Trump’s tweet: “This beats the Gettysburg Address. Not even close.”

Another tweet states that: “Trump can control an entire news cycle with just one tweet. He commands the media – who are like dogs running to him when he whistles”

Buzzfeed – famous for pushing the fake news Russia dossier story shared CNN’s response to Trump’s tweet: “CNN calls Trump’s tweet attacking the network “a sad day… we will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”  (Bark, Bark)


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