Spoiled Snowflakes Say They Are ‘Not Feeling Pumped’ To Be American (VIDEO)

Despite its flaws, no nation in history has brought more good into the world than the United States. It appears all of America’s accomplishments aren’t good enough for some students, who, in a recently published video by Campus Reform say they are no longer feeling proud of being an American.

Campus Reform reports:

In the past decade, polling has shown a decline in the number of Americans who count themselves proud of their nation.

A recent Gallup poll for example, found that just 52 percent of Americans now consider themselves “extremely proud” to be American—a new low in the poll’s 15-year history.

“I was proud to be an American up until a few months ago…”    

Nowhere have these declining levels of patriotism been more noticeable than in the millennial generation, among whom just 34 percent of respondents considered themselves “extremely proud” of their country.

Wanting to hear what millennials in our nation’s capitol thought of this poll, Campus Reform headed to George Washington University to ask people a simple question, “On a scale of one to ten, how proud are you to be an American?”

From the beginning, it was clear that most students were noticeably tepid in their patriotism.

With the exception of a few outliers, the majority of millennials with whom we spoke described their level of patriotism at “around a 5.”

“I’m not feeling pumped”, said one student.

“I was proud to be an American up until a few months ago…” added another student, referencing the election of President Donald Trump.

These spoiled snowflakes are more than welcome to move to Syria, Venezuela or North Korea, if they believe those countries offer a better quality of living.


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