Rumblings: Unhinged Reporter Kurt Eichenwald Removes Newsweek from Bio – Speculation He Was Fired

In February former Sputnik News journalist Bill Moran filed defamation charges against unhinged Newsweek editor Kurt Eichenwald. Moran argued that Eichenwald had, in essensce, accused him of disloyalty to his country by implying he was a mouthpiece for Russia, and thus crippled his ability to find future work as a journalist.

Last week the case was dismissed after the parties settled out of court.
It is not clear how much Moran won from Newsweek for Eichenwald’s fraudulent reporting.

On Sunday Wikileaks founder Julian Assange found an update on Kurt Eichenwald’s Twitter bio.


Eichenwald has removed Newsweek from his page.

So did the far left crackpot finally get fired?

Julian Assange tweeted this out an hour ago.

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