O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN=> CNN Producer Admits Network Doesn’t Give Opposing Viewpoints on Transgender Issue (VIDEO)

James O’Keefe strikes again!

James O’Keefe has released several undercover videos from his ‘American Pravda’ series with CNN. O’Keefe says his goal is to expose the real motivation behind the decision making process in our dominant media corporation.

Another undercover video was released Wednesday exposing CNN’s bias when it comes to covering issues such as abortion and transgenders.

John Bonifield is the same CNN producer out of Atlanta, GA who was in the first video O’Keefe released in late June.


In the first bombshell video, John Bonifield admitted the Trump-Russia story is B.S. but they continue to push the false narrative for ‘ratings’.

In Wednesday’s video, John Bonifield admits CNN does a poor job reaching out to people with different opinions on transgender bathrooms or abortion. Even worse, if they do have people on with a different opinion, Bonifield admits they are interrogated and demeaned.

“I think CNN to some degree does a poor job reaching out to those voices and giving them a fair crack at the whip.” Bonifield said.

Video via Project Veritas:

As TGP reported earlier, President Trump announced Wednesday morning transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the United States military.

Following the news of President Trump banning transgenders from serving in the United States military, liberals took to Twitter to lash out at the announcement.

You’ll notice not one individual provided any study or report supporting the idea that  transgenders serving in the armed forces contributes to its overall success.

Many Hollywood celebrities were still asleep when the news broke (or hung over), but have since taken to Twitter to blast the President.

All of these ultra liberal lunatics will get airtime expressing their anger towards President Trump’s military transgender ban, yet the MSM will ignore actual combat vets who have differing opinions.

J.R. Salzman, an amputee Iraq War veteran, took to Twitter to defend the decision of President Trump’s military transgender ban and the thread is going viral! Read his full tweetstorm here.

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